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  • Can I use my pull-up platform indoors?
    Yes of course, you can locate your rig anywhere that has the headroom. The rig is quite high to give full body hang, it’s max height is 2570mm, but we recommend at least a further 300mm of headroom, or you can lower the pull-up bar on the posts.
  • What type of ground can I put my rig on?
    We’ve installed many or our rigs and gargen pull-up bars on grass, patios, decking, gravel and sand.
  • Does the ground need to be level?
    The single platform rigs can be levelled using timber pads quite easily on most sloping or uneven ground. The Twin platform Rigs are fine on uneven ground but the height difference between the two platforms needs to be less than 30cm. The distance between the two platforms is around 4 metres so you can check this with a piece of string and a level before ordering. If your ground level difference is more 30cm, we can use larger packing timber, but we need to discuss this before and would require some pictures of your ground to plan ahead first.
  • How long is delivery?
    Most accesories and smaller items are delivered within 4 days of ordering. The larger pull-up rigs are made to order, so take up to 14days. We will contact you after ordering to confirm a delivery date and time slot that is convenient for you.
  • Do I need to be there for delivery?
    Not for the smaller items as these will be sent by standard couriers. The pull-up rigs will require someone there as these are large items. We will contact you after ordering to confirm a delivery date and time slot that is convenient for you. For installation you will need to stay at the property so you are happy with the final position and inspection. This can take up to 4 hours.
  • Can you Install the rigs?
    Yes, we offer an installation service on the larger pull-up rigs and platforms. It Cost £95, but we don’t make any money on installation, We want to make sure it is levelled and fitted correctly to ensure a lifetime of use, and a happy customer for life. Whats Included - Measuring and marking out area for installation. Unboxing of equipment Assemble and level HEXA GRIP platform, using our own packing Timber Pads. (supplied) Assemble Posts and Pull-up Bar, and all accessories Test and inspect assembled Rig. Clean off platform. Removal and disposal of all packaging. We recommend that you have your pull-up rigs installed professionally by our expert fitters. Please see our installation page for more info.
  • Can I move the rig once installed?
    Yes, our rigs are not permanently fixed into the ground. They are free standing and can easily be moved to a new area in the garden if needed. Or taken with you if you move property or location.
  • Can you make a custom rig for me?
    Yes we’re are constantly innovating and coming up with new ideas, and would be happy to work with you to design and build a custom Rig. Just contact us with your ideas.
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