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The Original INDUSTRIOUS Rotator Bar, is one of the toughest challenges and strength building bars around!


It looks like a normal pull-up bar, but is held either side by free running bearings. This makes it very hard to hold onto as you have to use pure grip strength instead of friction.


Anyone who can hang onto this bar for over a minute deserves a medal! The INDUSTRIOUS record currently stands at 119 seconds. (Or 7 seconds with one hand lol)


The INDUSTRIOUS rotator bar builds forearm and grip strength like no other piece of equipment. Most people start off at around 15 seconds but you’ll be amazed at how quick you’ll improve. FEEL THE BURN!!!


You can still use it as a normal pull up bar and adds a new technique to muscle ups. 

Once you have the strength to use this bar to its full potential you’ll be able to add extra skills to your workout.


The INDUSTRIOUS Rotator bar can fit straight onto any of our rigs, and comes as standard on one side of the WARRIOR RIG. 


SKU: 00000278
  • What comes with my order?

    - 124cm Pull-Up ROTATOR BAR, Black

    - 4 x M12 130mm high tensile bolts, nuts and washers.


    Cost - Free

    Delivery in 2-5 days

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