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The WARRIOR V2 is the everything you need.....The perfect big boys frame!!


The WARRIOR V2 2023, is even more robust and versatile than the V1. Re-designed from the ground up.

Including the new multi-functional cross beams that span 4m from Post to post. The 4” thick beams have rows of laser cut holes on every side allowing for many additional features, obstacles and accessories to be added, including any future developments. 


Our goal was to create the COMPLETE indoor or outdoor training Rig!


Now Freestanding with or without the platforms or even bolted to the floor. Multiple WARRIORS can be combined together for larger groups, classes or custom projects. 


Standard features include - 


  • PEG BOARDS x 2 - The new indestructible composite peg boards - Made of UHMW PE300, fixed to either cross beam, supplied with 4 x Aluminium Pegs.
  • PULL UP BARS / MONKEY BARS x 9  - Monkey bars can be set at any distance apart.
  • ROPE CLIMB - 4.3m Industrious rope and extension frame can be fitted to any corner of the rig. The Rope is 35mm thick, and specifically designed for the outside with ultimate weather resistance.
  • LADDER CLIMB - Mounted either side of the WARRIOR V2 it adds 4 extra pull up bars to climb. The top bar reaches 3.5m. A fantastic skill and strength builder it can also be used to hang rings. Can you climb to the top bar and do a muscle up?
  • DIP STATION - Dip horn style with 48mm bars. Designed off-set to one side and is fully detachable and easily mounted to any post using the supplied locking pin.
  • FREESTANDING - Can be positioned self standing using the outrigger feet supplied and fitted. 



We believe the WARRIOR V2 is the ultimate rig, a great investment for outdoor/indoor training and is ready for any future fitness trends or developments. 


Built to last! All parts are fully hot-dip galvanised, inside and out. Then powder-coated and oven baked for the ultimate protection.  


Free-standing, non-permanent, the rig can always be re-positioned. 



Optional features -


  • SQUAT RACK - Squat posts with locating holes the full length of the posts. Including super heavy duty J-hooks with 25mm locking pins and bar protectors. 
  • SPARTAN TWISTER BAR - Over 3m long, The twister bar freely rotates as you manoeuvre across the obstacle from one side of the rig to the other using the 9 conical handles. One of the most popular features, it’s a great challenge and fun piece of equipment. Numerous techniques and training sessions can be used on the SPARTAN.
  • OVERHANG TARZAN BAR - An extended outrigger bar, 4m long, 3.4m high with 5 hanging tarzan ropes to swing around on or use as pull-up training. The high bar can also be used to hang olympic rings or sets of rings from. A great feature and ideal for building ultimate forearm strength. 
  • ROTATOR BAR - A pull up bar with a twist, It looks like a normal pull-up bar, but is mounted either end by free running bearings. It just makes pull ups that little bit harder, using pure grip strength instead of hand friction. Anyone who can hang onto this bar for over a minute deserves a medal! The INDUSTRIOUS record currently stands at 119 seconds. (Or 7 seconds with one hand) FEEL THE BURN!!! Its one of the toughest challenges and strength building bars around! 
  • HUMAN FLAG BAR - Bolts onto any of the upright posts. Ideal for learning or perfecting the human flag and many other static exercises and all types of bodyweight training, including calisthenics, street workout, crossfit and gymnastics. 180cm tall, 44mm thick.
  • PLATFORMS x 2 - 2.5m x 1.25m -  Positioned either end of the WARRIOR, the rig is bolted and built up from the platforms. Our platforms create a super strong foundation to work from. Non slip, weather resistant and provide secure grip for all activities is any weather. FSC / PEFC.


£4,900.00 Regular Price
£3,920.00Sale Price
  • What you get in the order-

    • 4 x UPRIGHT POSTS -  4” oversized steel beams, olive green. 
    • 2 x MULTI-FUNCTIONAL CROSS BEAMS - 4” oversized steel beams, Powder coated, olive green. 
    • 2 x OUTRIGGER FEET - Low profile, Black
    • x 2 PULL UP BARS -  34mm thick, Black. 
    • x 7 MONKEY BARS - 34mm thick, Black. 
    • DIP BARS - pin mounted, detachable. Black
    • x 2 PEG BOARD - Indestructible composite peg boards - Made of UHMW PE300, supplied with 4 x Aluminium Pegs.
    • ROPE CLIMB - extension post, overhang frame and Outdoor Rope.
    • LADDER CLIMB - 34mm bars x 4. Black
    • Full Fixings kit, M16 bolts, Nuts and Washers
    • Bolt caps 

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